Barrett Custom Rods

Barrett Custom Rods makes custom roller wraps and inlines on any fishing rod Barrett Custom Rod Company can put any decal or sticker on any fishing rod Barrett Custom fishing rods can have any parts or components to make your rod truly for you Our custom fishing rods will meet every demand of any serious angler Barrett custom fishing rods catch fish and we have the customers to prove it Barrett custom rods builds the finest custom big game fishing rods Barrett rod company builds the highest quality land based shark fishing rods

We build custom fishing rods for serious fishermen!

We specialize in making custom rods that will fit you as a person and your style of fishing. Weather your roaming the open ocean or hitting the local beach, we can build you the rod you have been waiting for. Boat rods, big game rods, surf casting rods, jigging rods, fly rods, pier rods, if you need a rod to do something special we can built it for you.

Use your imagination and see what type and style of fishing rod you can dream of and we can build it for you.

So go ahead and take a look at some of the fishing rods we have built and also check out all the pictures of some of the fish that have been caught using our rods and see for your self why our rods can stand up to your type of fishing.

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